Help Wanted!

We need some more people to join us to realize this project. If you are good with fund raising, electronics, building cabinets, web design, or are a good spokesperson or have or any other skill that may come in handy, please drop us a mail on (any address) or join our #altpwr IRC channel at freenode. Thanks!

Open (sub)projects:

  • The website needs much more active editing / blogging!
  • Building, testing and (re)designing of over-voltage safety features until it’s absolutely failsafe.
  • Converting cheap power converters and documenting this so everyone can build and use them.
  • Paralleling 6 HP ESP120 power supplies and building a control/monitoring system for it.
  • Building a user (opt in) power monitoring system, maybe with mqtt and dashboards.
  • Write a safety and basic instructions manual.
  • Doing presentations or reports on audio or video.
  • Raising funds and/or help with other money/taxes related things.
  • More, just tell us what you like to do for us!