20201228 rC3 Meetup

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EventGrid // DC MicroGrid Meetup Day 2


  • bitsandbytes: interested in how camp solves power
  • mc_leeck: interested mostly in motors, but looking at the power side of things as well
  • cfr34k: interested in ren. energy, esp. solar power. had built an mppt charger (12V,50W).
    • not really documented, but would build it similar to the LibreSolar MPPT 12V 10A device (see below)
  • HeNeArXn: just checking in what has happened

notes from camp: https://altpwr.net/index.php?title=Main_Page#CCCamp_2019

interesting MPPT modules: https://libre.solar/devices/mppt-1210-hus/

DIY Charge Controllers

tiefpunkt found these projects by OpenGreenEnergy:

"old" altPwr Team

Benadski and doktorbob

  • Old Website was interesting, but seems gone
  • Maybe restore it somehow?

DC Power Meters

tiefpunkt talks about GC-90 power meters, which are fairly cheap and easy to use DC power meters out of China, that can be read out using a TTL interface

LiPo Batteries

tiefpunkt shows 7S LiPo board (sort-of matches 24V lead) -> https://wiki.munichmakerlab.de/wiki/24V_18650_LiIon_Battery_System


Camp in Netherlands - Website - Tickets available

  • Do a village or cluster close together so we can test our setups
  • Benadski involved in the power grid
  • There are plans to power it from the grid: blog post