20210615 Virtual Meetup

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Virtual meetup, at 8pm CEST: https://meet.ffmuc.net/eventgrid

What have people been up to?

  • Chewie: Adding a new solar charge controller to his setup (Morningstar TriStar TS-MPPT-60).
  • Severin: Working on a DIY solar charge controller (project on hackaday.io) and a MicroGrid connection unit (GitHub Repo)
  • Uli: Working on his solar setup, it's not connected yet. Unsure about what to do with the energy, as he doesn't want to tap into the "regular" grid
  • Nico: Setting up the solar system in his camper.


Seems like nothing exciting is happening this year. But MCH and EMF are happening in 2022.

Talks, articles etc.

  • Martin did two talks
    • Slides from the first one
      • interesting bit on connectors in the very end
      • Lots of safety discussions (slide 37ff)
      • Some interesting projects mention, might be worth digging deeper
    • Video of the second one should be on YouTube some time soon -> ask him again
  • Some interesting articles in DIYODE magazine: