CCCamp 2019 - Obri's Setup

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About two months before the camp i decided to replaclace the two allmost dead 95Ah lead acid batteries in my campervan with new LiFeYPO4 cells. I was able to save about 25kg of weight with this upgrade.

The only thing that was powered with diesel power during the camp was a small 16 port switch. I had enough PV power to run all stuff i needed during the camp.

Upgrades/Changes/Notes for the next camp

  • The Fuji F-wave where connected to the same relays as the inverter, i had to switch it off manually each evening to save some power.
  • My android car stereo does user a lot of power when it is switched on
  • The Fuji F-wave panels did not produce a lot of power.
  • Add more sensors!
  • Install more 12V Outlets
  • Switch to Speacon connectors for all 12V Outlets
  • I should replace my absorber fridge with a compressor model
  • Clean up the massive mess in the battery box.
  • I need to finish my custom LED PCBs for all lights in the campervan.
    • The campervan manufacturer did install LED lights that where made for exactly 12V


  • 4 x Wattstunde WS95EFX flexible 95W Panels
  • 4 x ECS LiPro1-6 Active BMS/Balancer
  • 1 x ECS greenController 75/40 MPPT Charger
  • 1 x Schaudt WA 121545 Booster
  • 4 x Winston LiFeYPO4 160Ah
  • 1 x Victron Inverter/Charger
  • 1 x PCEngines APU2 running debian for grafana and other stuff
  • 4 x Fuji F-wave 92w flexible panels
  • 1 x Step down 400V to 12V

IMG 20190715 222115 20190716 071426 medium.jpg

WS95EFX Panels on the campvevan

IMG 20190721 172159 20190722 094655 medium.jpg

Fuji F-wave 92w on the floor

IMG 20190811 100724 20190811 120910 medium.jpg Can't find my photo from the camp

Kabelsalat ist gesund

IMG 20190726 195744 20190731 163943 medium.jpg

APU2 and Network Hardware

IMG 20190825 151303 20190825 151315 medium.jpg


I was using Modbus to collect some data and generate some nice graphs. I had some errors in the current measurements until i fixed it in the evening of August 24th. Screencapture-10-10-0-29-3000-d-qBcRzeOZk-pv-2019-09-08-13 16 57.png