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This is a summary of equipment that Chewie found useful when preparing and attending AltPwr during SHA2017, and will bring for CCCamp:

DC Step-Down Converters

You will need one of these if you want to run a DC appliance that does not use 42V by default:

The 15A version was used to drop down 42V to the standard 12V for camping appliances, and also to over-volt a 12V kettle to 17V so it would actually boil

DC Step-Up Converters

You will need one of these if you would like to contribute power to the grid but your source voltage is lower than 42V. I hope to use one of these, but have not tried it in this situation yet.

I used this same model already to convert 12V to 19V for an all-in-one PC to use at festivals, and it worked nicely. One of the important things it has (apart from replaceable fuses!) is that there is a variable resistor to allow you to stop the output if the input is too low. I plan on using this to allow power to the AltPwr grid while I am generating power, but stop the grid completely draining my batteries.

Waterproof housings

As most of the infrastructure will be outside and exposed to the elements, a decent box should be used to keep your converters safe from the rain etc (which hopefully won't happen!). Some examples are here

Feel free to add other equipment that you think would be useful for CCC Camp!

Note: All the above equipment is available from multiple suppliers, so shop around to find someone that is close to you and reliable