Wide Range Voltage Equipment

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This is the start of a list for potential equipment that can handle a wide range of voltages. I suggest that equipment is selected to have a wide voltage range so that power surges or brownouts don't cause equipment failure.

Please add to the list, mentioning whether you have actually used the equipment, and whether it was any good.

Make Model Type Minimum Voltage Maximum Voltage Comments Actually used by
StarTech ST7300USBME USB Hub / Charger 7V 48V Worked nicely at CCCamp 2019 User:Chewie
TRENDnet TI-G102 (v1.0R) Gigabit Switch 12V 56V 10x 1GB, 2 x SFP, dual power input + alarm
TRENDnet TI-PG62B Gigabit Switch 12V 56V 4x 1GB PoE+, 2 x SPF, dual power input + alarm
SystemBase SG-2021DIL Serial->LAN Converter 12V 48V Other Models are available with more or fewer ports
Example Example Example Example Example Example Example