Just some pictures and video’s of progress! Newest first so you don’t have to scroll down that much. πŸ˜‰

Ok, got a bit of hardware and software files for you, not nice and clean yet, but you can take a look!

Just found some excellent motors to use as generators:
These are e-bike brushed motors, like the one below. They generate 24V at about 8A maximum when turned at “unknown” speed. Probably in the 1000-3000rpm range. πŸ˜‰

The location where we will build up the grid has been chosen carefully to allow access for everybody:
The small spot is reserved, don’t put up your tent/village there!


The display above will be visible from all sides on the alternative power field. The color is related to the Voltage on the nodes, the speed of the lights gives an indication of the current flowing through the power cables. If you join at SHA, you can try to get your node as blue as possible by feeding energy into it. Join the competition! πŸ™‚


Safety is a big issue, the grid is protected against DC voltages above 50V by a short circuit circuit. In about 10 milliseconds a node can be isolated from the main grid by tripping a circuit breaker using a 1.5kA discharge from a capacitor bank. When isolated, the voltage protection still applies until the fault is restored. Under normal operation the capacitor bank is used as a buffer.


One of the first power distribution PCB’s with some safety devices under test. At the event these boards are not used inside the distribution cabinets. We have proper circuit breakers now! The discarded subprojects will be made available for people who have donated cash or main parts for the grid.