202100217 Virtual Meetup

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Virtual meetup, at 8pm CET: https://meet.ffmuc.net/eventgrid

Participants: ecki, martin, chewie, nico, tkteun, jeremail, uli

Personal updates


  • Has one of Martins charge controllers to play with
  • Added some information to the wiki, e.g. some information on Charge_Controllers he tried out


Working on Charge Controllers

  • still has some 10A controllers for sale
  • waiting for the 20A controllers to arrive
  • Over-the-air updates via ESP32
  • Playing around with OpenEnergyMonitor, InfluxDB/Grafana, etc.

Looking for some information on LoRaWAN

  • Severin has been at The Things Conference, there are some interesting talks

Looking into BMS - anyone have any experience with that? **crickets**


  • Got an MCH camper ticket, but might be able to give it to someone who needs it
  • Looking for a DC connector that is case mountable


Got a Beaudens B3801 "Portable-Generator" Battery station

  • LiFePo based - safer than LiIon
  • Inverter produces a clean sinewave, even under load
  • Uses quite a bit of power when idle though
  • Quite cheap [1]

Looking for an XT60 Hub


  • Built a Solar Charge Controller off a design he found online, with some weird design choices that got him thinking
    • e.g. where to put fuses in the design?
  • Put together the first prototype of his LoRaWAN Batter Pack Monitor, which totally did not work as expected
  • Submitted a proposal for a DC Grid connection box to a Element14 Deisgn Competition (to force him to actually build something) - still waiting on feedback

DC Connectors

Always a good topic

  • Speakon - Quality issues with stuff from AliExpress, local stuff somewhat expensive, but apart from that quite interesting
  • PowerCon - Similar to Speakon, but also used for mains power, which could lead to some unintended issues...
  • XLR 4pin - there is a standard for professional AV equipment using these connectors for 12V

Plugs with the option for data connections?

  • Weipu SP21 was recommended by Zoe some time ago
  • Speakon has 4pins...