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CCCamp Logo 2019

At Chaos Communication Camp 2019 we launched a new workgroup being ignited by the already existing core group of the SHA2017. This workgroup is currently working on the shift towards a green power stack called EventGrid as a working title.

Camp systems

Anyone that had a renewable power setup at the camp is invited to document their system here, and what worked / what didn't etc.

Environmental Statistics (Power)

We did some number crunching on the camp's ... see CCCamp 2019 Power Statistics top learn more.

More Sustainability Aspects (c3sus)

A parallel group taking care about overall sustainability met during CCCamp 2019. They compiled some very interesting information, too.

Please have a look at the Infrastructure Review CCCamp 2019 to get to know more about their subjects and future plans.

See also CCC Sustainability Operation Center

Infocard for Infobeamer

CCCamp19 Infobeamer Eventgrid Slide CCCamp19 Infobeamer Survey Eventgrid