CCCamp 2019 Power Statistics

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CO2 numbers

  • The diesel consumption for the electric power generation was roughly 25000 liters.
  • That means, in rough terms, every attendee of the Camp used 5 liters.
  • Burning 25000 liters produces around 77 metric tonnes of CO2 (better emission numbers of the actual diesel generators are welcome). [1]
  • If we cover the area of the Ziegelei (249090 m2 (Source: OSM)) with that amount of CO2 the height of that cover would be 17 cm (at 1024 hPa and 20 °C (roughly the average weather on day 4)).
  • In comparison the anthropogenic CO2 emission of around 40 Gt per year [2] leads to an additional height of 4 cm per year (surface of the earth 510072000 km2, same weather conditions as above).
  • If we take the emission budget into account, for example the 420 Gt of CO2 (set at the start of 2018 for the 1.5 °C target)[3], we have left around 353 Gt. That means around 692 g/m2 (considering the surface the earth). The camp used up 310 g/m2 (considering the the area of the Ziegelei).