CCCamp 2019 - tiefpunkt's Setup

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Cccamp19 munichmakerlab01.jpg

At the Munich Maker Lab village, we brought 6 100W panels, which we connected in three separate setups.

  • 1 panel connected to a Goal Zero Yeti 400
  • 3 panels connected to a cheap PWM charger and 2 12V 24Ah batteries
  • 2 panels connected to a cheap PWM charger and 1 12V 80Ah batteries

Setups were build in succession, as batteries and charges arrived, so they might not make sense from a configuration standpoint. We used those setups to power a number of different devices:

  • 1 cheap thermoelectric coolbox (~60W)
  • 1 decent compressor coolbox
  • Small sound system
  • Charging phones and gear via USB from the Yeti, the two charge controllers, or dedicated car USB adapters
  • USB-C laptop charger for 12V [1]
  • MagSafe 2 charger for 12V
  • DECT batteries via NiMh battery charger
  • Some 230V gear via the Yeti's inverter